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Our Services - Climate Survey

The climate of your organization is the State of its health. How your employees feel about their jobs, their supervisors, their peers, top management, and many more other factors affect their individual productivity, and collectively the ability of the organization to achieve it’s objectives.
We can conduct a climate survey for your organization. The survey will be conducted in questionnaire form. The questions are grouped according to the following dimensions:

  • Work Facilitation: Extent to which people feel they are trained, given the materials and equipment they need, and provided with the information and assistance in getting the job done.

  • Concern for people: Do staff members show respect for each other, do managers give support, and does administration show interest in the morale and welfare of employees.

  • Team Building: Do we see planning and co-ordination within individual work groups, between departments, and between managers and employees?

  • Decision-Making: Does management make adequate and timely decisions? Do they get employees inputs?

  • Participation: Are employees given enough authority to do their jobs? Are they encouraged to make decisions, and do they take responsibility for their decisions?

  • Communication: Is staff given adequate notice of changes? Is important information spread quickly and accurately? And is there good communication between departments?

  • Quality: Does the organization have a good reputation? Are employees proud of working there?